Step 1 - Cleanse

Cleanse - Remove makeup, sunscreen, dirt and other impurities.
Sekkisei Facial Cream WashSekkisei Facial Cream Wash

Sekkisei Facial Cream Wash

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Sekkisei Clear Brightening MaskSekkisei Clear Brightening Mask
Sekkisei White Powder WashSekkisei White Powder Wash

Sekkisei White Powder Wash

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Sekkisei Cleansing CreamSekkisei Cleansing Cream

Sekkisei Cleansing Cream

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Step 2 - Tone

Lotion restores moisture levels and is infused with ingredients to soften and brighten skin. It prepares the skin to better absorb serums and moisturizers.
Sekkisei Lotion (Toner) ExcellentSekkisei Lotion (Toner) Excellent
Sekkisei Lotion (Toner) EnrichedSekkisei Lotion (Toner) Enriched

Step 3 - Moisturize

Moisturizer that softens and hydrates the skin while nurturing the skin’s moisture barrier function. It works in synergy with the lotion by improving the moisture provided by lotion.
Sekkisei CreamSekkisei Cream

Sekkisei Cream

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Step 4 - Eye Care

Apply the skin care routine with an eye cream to address fine lines and dullness around the eye area.
Sekkisei Eye CreamSekkisei Eye Cream N

Sekkisei Eye Cream

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Sekkisei CLEAR WELLNESS Vitalizing Eye CreamSekkisei CLEAR WELLNESS Vitalizing Eye Cream

Step 5 - Special Treatment

Follow up with a thicker, hydration layer after the usage of lotion and moisturizer to amplify hydration, moisture levels. "Herbal Gel" is a gel-type hydration boost recommended for Dry Skin. "Souffle" is an essence-fortified emulsion recommended for Oily Skin.

Sekkisei Herbal GelSekkisei Herbal Gel

Sekkisei Herbal Gel

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Sekkisei Essential SouffleSekkisei Essential Souffle

Sekkisei Essential Souffle

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Sekkisei Herbal EstheticSekkisei Herbal Esthetic

Sekkisei Herbal Esthetic

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Sekkisei CLEAR WELLNESS Water Shield CreamSekkisei CLEAR WELLNESS Water Shield Cream